2020 Primaries

The Massachusetts 2020 Primary will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020!

You can find information on presidential candidates and primaries in other states below!

Presidential Candidates

Republican Presidential Candidates

Name Brief Bio Website
Mark Sanford Former Representative from SC-01 https://www.marksanford.com/
Donald Trump President https://donaldjtrump.com/
Joe Walsh Former Representative from IL-08 https://www.joewalsh.org/
Bill Weld Former Governor of Massachusetts https://weld2020.org/

Democratic Presidential Candidates

Name Brief Bio Website
Michael Bennet Senator from Colorado https://michaelbennet.com/
Joe Biden Former Vice President https://joebiden.com/
Cory Booker Senator from New Jersey https://corybooker.com/
Steve Bullock Governor of Montana https://stevebullock.com/
Pete Buttigieg Mayor of South Bend, Indiana https://peteforamerica.com/
Julián Castro Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development https://julianforthefuture.com/
John Delaney Former Representative from MD-06 https://johndelany.com/
Tulsi Gabbard Representative from HI-02 https://tulsi2020.com/
Kamala Harris Senator from California https://kamalaharris.org/
Amy Klobuchar Senator from Minnesota https://amyklobuchar.com/
Bernie Sanders Senator from Vermont https://berniesanders.com/
Joe Sestak Former Representative from PA-07 https://joesestak.com/
Tom Steyer Hedge Fund Manager https://www.tomsteyer.com/
Elizabeth Warren Senator from Massachusetts https://elizabethwarren.com/
Marianne Williamson Author https://mariane2020.com/
Andrew Yang Entrepreneur https://yang2020.com/

The Primaries in 50 States

Each state and sometimes each party within a given state has its own date and format for the primary elections. Check the key below for definitions of different formats, and check the table for information on specific states.

Primary Election Format Vocabulary


A caucus takes the place of a traditional primary election in some states. In a caucus, the members of a political party meet in a convention and register their support for a given candidate. For more information on the difference between a caucus and a primary election, click HERE


The distinction Open/Semiopen/Semiclosed/Closed determines which people of which party affiliations can vote in which primary. In an open primary, anyone can vote in the primary of their choosing, even if they are registered in a different party. In a semi-open primary, anyone may vote in the primary of their choosing, but they must publically declare the party primary they are choosing to vote in. Voting in that primary may be taken as registration in that party. In a semi-closed party, unaffiliated voters may vote in the primary of their choosing, but people registered with a specific primary must vote in that primary. In a closed primary, only those registered with the party may vote in that party's primary. For more information, click HERE

Partisan/Nonpartisan Voter Registration:

In a partisan voter registration system, a person's party registration is recorded with their voter registration. The party a person chooses to register with may determine which primary they can vote in (see Open/Closed above). In a nonpartisan voter registration system, a person's political party is not recorded with their registration.

The Primaries in All 50 States

Date State(s) Open/Closed
Voter Registration
Early Voting Available?
Absentee Voting Available?
Registration Deadline
2/3/20 Iowa (caucus) Semi-open Partisan No No 2/3/20
2/11/20 New Hamshire Semi-closed Partisan No can request absentee ballot by 2/10/20 2/4/20
2/15/20 South Carlonia (R) Open Nonpartisan No
2/22/20 Nevada (caucus) (D) Closed Partisan 2/15-2/18 No 2/22/20
2/25/20 Nevada (caucus) (D) Closed Partisan No? No 2/25/20
2/29/20 South Carolina (D) Open Nonpartisan No Request by 2/25, Return by 2/29 Postmarked by 1/30/20
3/3/20 Alabama Open Nonpartisan No Request by 2/27, received by 3/2/20 2/17/20
3/3/20 Arkansas Open Nonpartisan 2/17-3/2 Email request by 2/25, received by 3/2 Postmarked by 2/4/20
3/3/20 California Closed Partisan Varies by locality Request by 2/25, returned by 3/3 Online by 2/17, postmarked by 2/17
3/3/20 Colorado Closed Partisan 2/24-3/2 Returned by 3/3 Request by 2/24
3/3/20 or 3/13/20? Conflicting information online ... Maine (D?) Semi-closed Partisan No Request by 2/29, postmarked by 3/3 Postmarked by 2/10, Election day reg 3/3
3/3/20 Massachusetts Semi-closed Partisan No Request by 3/2, Return by 3/3 2/12/20
3/3/20 Minnesota Open Nonpartisan No Request and return by 3/3 Online by 1/15, otherwise 2/11
3/3/20 Oklahoma Closed Partisan 2/17-2/29 Request by 2/26, Return by 3/3 2/7/20
3/3/20 Tennessee Open Nonpartisan 2/12-2/29 Request by 2/25, Return by 3/3 2/3/20
3/3/20 Texas Open Nonpartisan 2/18-2/28 Request received by 2/21, Returned by 3/4 2/3/20
3/3/20 Utah Closed Partisan 2/18-2/28 Request by 2/26, Return by 3/3 Online by 2/25, postmarked by 2/2, in person request by 2/25, day of 3/3
3/3/20 Vermont Open Nonpartisan 1/18-3/2 Request by 3/2, Return by 3/3 2/3/20
3/3/20 Virginia Open Nonpartisan In person absentee 1/18-2/29 Request by 2/25, Return by 3/3 Postmarked or received by 2/10/20
3/10/20 Idaho Closed Partisan
3/10/20 Michigan Open Nonpartisan
3/10/20 Mississippi Open Nonpartisan
3/10/20 Missouri Open Nonpartisan
3/10/20 Ohio Open Nonpartisan
3/10/20 Washington Open Nonpartisan
3/10/20 North Dakota (D) Open No voter reg
3/17/20 Arizona Closed Partisan
3/17/20 Florida Closed Partisan
3/17/20 Illinois Open Nonpartisan
3/29/20 Puerto Rico (TBD)
4/4/20 Alaska (D) Open Nonpartisan
4/4/20 Hawaii (D) Open Nonpartisan
4/4/20 Louisiana Closed Partisan
4/7/20 Wisconsin Open Nonpartisan
4/28/20 Connecticut Closed Partisan
4/28/20 Delaware Closed Partisan
4/28/20 Maryland Closed Partisan
4/28/20 New York (D) Closed Partisan
4/28/20 Pennsylvania Closed Partisan
4/28/20 Rhode Island Semi-closed Partisan
5/2/20 Kansas (D) Closed Partisan
5/5/20 Indiana Open Nonpartisan
5/12/20 Nebraska Semi-closed Partisan
5/12/20 West Virginia Semi-closed Partisan
5/29/20 Kentucky (D) Closed Partisan
5/29/20 Oregon Closed Partisan
6/2/20 Montana Open Nonpartisan
6/2/20 New Jersey Semi-closed Partisan
6/2/20 New Mexico Closed Partisan
6/2/20 South Dakota Closed Partisan
6/16/20 DC Closed Partisan
?? Wyoming (caucus) Closed Partisan